Visited HAN on a Wednesday evening with my dining group https://www.meetup.com/serial-diners/ 
Why not join us? We dine at a new restaurant each week.

They can be found here: Shop G04A, 100 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052 

Map Link

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.00.53 AM


It was a little difficult to find the entrance so make good use of the Map Link  and photo of the entrance to ensure you do get there.

First impressions were mixed as I was expecting something a little bigger. I had booked a group of 12 and the whole restaurant probably only seats 24. Most are tables for 2 but the space is versatile so they arranged the tables in a long row to accommodate us.

Next thing to hit me was the swanky fit out, a cool industrial look to the place. Each table has a very cool stainless steel extractor fan with the piping joining each other at the ceiling and in unison disappearing behind the far wall. Loved it!

The lighting was a nice intimate ambient with each table having its own cute little (powerful) spotlight attached to the extractor hood. Very cool!

Very comfy chairs, with plenty of cushioned benches in a lux dark green velvet. I could come here for an after work cocktail and canapés just to soak up the ambience and sink into the green velvet.

The staff were very accommodating and eager to please, early days as the restaurant had only been open a few weeks so the expected teething troubles were evident, however this is the norm for a new restaurant and the attitude and pleasant manner of the staff easily makes that insignificant.

The food is exquisite, beautifully presented and packed with fabulous flavours. I went for a couple of canapés, well 4 actually, 2 of the prawns seen above and 2 of the fried chicken. WOW !WOW! WOW! What sensational dishes they were. @ ~$7 each I was full and satisfied without breaking the bank.

My fellow serial diners exclusively went for the BBQ option which is the signature style of the restaurant. They totally enjoyed themselves with this experience, who doesn’t love playing with fire. They bring out these cute little charcoal BBQ sets where you get to grill and turn your cuts of meat till its cooked to your satisfaction.

Would I go back? That is a resounding yes!! I want to try the BBQ that everyone raved about.

SSSHHHHHhhhhhh but I suggest you get there and sample this Korean BBQ gem before word gets around as it surely will and it becomes too busy to get a table.

Parnell has yet another foodie gem, this is a foodies dream strip for the summer of 2017/18.

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