Dishing out South American inspired deliciousness at the corner of O’Connell + Chancery Streets in the CBD. Call us on 09-374-0981 if you get lost.

The Serial Diner - INTI-2

Visited Inti on a Wednesday evening with my dining group  Why not join us? We dine at a new restaurant each week.

So back to Inti, we arrived slightly early because we are keen diners to find the  restaurant  all but deserted, in fact it was just my group and a well staffed kitchen crew who were all immaculately dressed and ready to serve us.

The restaurant is located right in the heart of the city close to The Metropolis, The Chancery, High street and O’Connell streets, all of which are very busy with lots of potential diners.

I was a little perplexed why the restaurant was empty apart from us. When I enquired of the Matre D’ she explained they hadn’t gone hard out advertising yet while they bedded the restaurant in, tweeked the menus and trained the staff.

So to the menu, now this is where it got a little weird or should I say perplexing. Have a read below and see what you think. Some of the descriptions and ingredients had us scratching our heads and saying to each other, What is that? have you ever heard of? have you ever eaten ants or crickets?

When it came time to order we got the full run down of the menu and explanation of each dish, how it is prepared, where the ingredients are sourced from, so from trepidation to weary mild excitement we transitioned.

Dish by dish the food emerged from the open plan kitchen that we had a great view of. Now here is where it turned markedly from an average dining experience to Holy S**t this food is amazing. Not only is it stunning on the eye but each mouthful delivered a flavour explosion in the mouth the likes of which I had not experienced previously and it literally blew our minds.

This restaurant is so under the radar and so epic in its originality that I would love to keep it to myself and a select group of friends.

However I will not do that as I want to shout from the roof tops about this magnificent dining experience hidden in plain sight right in the heard of the city.


Plantain smoked sour cream, lime, burnt leek
Mussel Michelada dark beer, fermented celery, amaranth, chilli Cactus “Guacamole” seaweed, almond, epazote, avocado leaf Salsa Tarasca nixtamal corn tortilla, cricket panucho, concha


Green chorizo 65 deg egg, salted pepitas, wood sorrel Anticucho beef cooked in jamón fat, aji Amarillo, lettuce juice Tostada morcilla, pitaya, peanut, black ant
Torta Ahogada alpaca, co ee, fennel, agua de chilli crema


Lamb Pibil carrot, beeswax, pomegranate, fuschia
Tlayuda textures from Oaxaca
Duck in honey brine, rose petal mole, coconut horchata
Cebiche burnt paw paw, tamarindo, raw oca, turmeric, sesame leaf Cold smoked Kahawai beef fat, rhubarb tepache, chickpea, cacao


Smoked xocolate mandarin, guajillo chilli, pumpkin
Vanilla queso burnt pineapple, cucumber ice, lemon verbena, seeds Goat milk Crema Catalana torched meringue, barley, custard apple Manchego hibiscus, potato, black quinoa

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