09 358 1093


Viaduct Harbour
85–87 Custom Street West
Auckland 1011, New Zealand 

Breakfast  7am till 11am
Lunch  12pm till 5pm
Dinner  6pm till 11pm

The Serial Diner - Giraffe-2-2

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Giraffe by Simon Gault is a celebration of everything that makes New Zealand great.
Home grown is front and centre, showcasing the finest local producers and growers our country has to offer.
However, we’re mature enough to recognise, that occasionally, the very best ingredients are from further afield.
The spirit of innovation is captured in the preparation and presentation of deliciousness.
We are uncompromising in our promise to surprise and delight every time.
Most importantly we make every guest feel at home.


First Impressions:

Loved the decor! it is a swanky kind of modern, great lighting and in the perfect location on the Viaduct Harbour to attract The Hip Crowd as well as the hoards of tourists who love this part of town.

I visited twice, both times for dinner on a Wednesday and Thursday evenings (not the same week though) 6.30pm sitting which saw the restaurant moderately busy, however by 8.30pm it was full to the gunnels.

Tried too get in for Friday lunch as well but despite the website saying it takes 50% of diners as walk-ins, when I phoned at 11am to check they said they were fully booked and no room???? So much for the 50% walk-ins eh!

The wait staff were/are exceptional and credit to the restaurant management who obviously invested in good training of staff. They know the menu very well even to the point of being able to explain the way different dishes are prepared and where the ingredients are sourced from. This is the type of restaurant I love to dine at simply because you are made to feel special and a valued customer.


Second Impressions:

The menu as explained was designed to share and this is becoming very common with new restaurant openings but in this instance it doesn’t really work. My first booking was for 12 people and we were at 2 different tables.

I personally had a great meal as did the 5 others at my table. However the 6 at the other table had a different experience, one Rib eye steak ordered medium rare came medium well done, the bread with the steak tartare was un-toasted and a little weird to eat, this combo did not work with this dish sadly. (never seen it dished like this before)

The chunky chips wrapped in bacon  with crumbled feta were sensational! So was the creamed butternut & the staff chicken.

Overall pretty good but was expecting more from this experienced restauranteur.

Final Comment:

The first visit the restaurant had only been open 2 weeks so I expected some teething issues, however the process of paying has never been more painful, it took at least 40 minutes to put my group through the till paying individually as is very very common these days.

The second effort was only slightly better as they printed the bill (at the till) and asked (told) us to work out how much each owed as the system cannot cope with individuals paying for items at the till.

Would I go back: Been twice probably won’t do a third.

Would I recommend:  Yes but will point out the areas I found lacking.

The Serial Diner - Giraffe-1-10

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