Feriza’s Kitchen, Bar and Gozleme

7/12 Jellicoe St, Wynyard Quarter
(09) 600 2088  – info@ferizas.co.nz


Dined here in early August just 3 weeks after opening day with my Dining Group https://www.meetup.com/foodsocialNZ/ 

If you are looking for a quality, tasty, generous meal look no further than Feriza’s!

We were greeted upon arrival by the restaurant manager who rigged the restaurant layout prior to our arrival to accommodate the 14 of us. Very friendly and attentive staff who took great pleasure and delight in explaining the dishes and some of the history of the restaurant. They helped create a connection between the diners and the restaurant which immediately put us at ease and ensured we enjoyed our dining experience from the moment we arrived.
I snatched the below paragraph directly from their website as it explains beautifully the heritage and style of the restaurant.

“Inspired by the pages of our grandmother’s cookbook.”

Feriza’s Kitchen, bar and gozleme is the culmination of brother and  sister team Alex and Feriza Isik's 20 plus years creating Ottoman    dishes together, inspired by the dishes they learnt to cook from     their grandmothers cookbook.

The emphasis is on shared dining, and a continuation of the cuisines of Turkey, Greece and culinary tradition from across the empire's, well known for its ‘mezze’ and sharing culture.

The menu reflects the diversity from the very traditional to the     contemporary, from village dishes to dishes influenced by the Ottoman kitchens of the past.

I loved what they have done with the decor. Contemporary and tasteful, luxurious green velvet on the seats with an awesome chandelier lighting up the interior. The bathrooms are luxurious and following the current trend of central basin wash area with individual stalls each side. This as i’ve heard from many diners is not to their preference but as it’s happening in almost every new restaurant I guess we just gotta accept it. Personally I like it!

These sensational cutlery items deserve a photo all of their own. There is something very special about dining with fine cutlery and Feriza’s have some of the finest in Auckland and very unique!

The Serial Diner - Ferida-6

You would think that my dining companions were at an orgy not a restaurant as dish after dish, as it was sampled received moans and groans of ecstasy from everyone. I even heard one guest tell the wait staff this was the best meal she has had this year, high praise indeed. She was not alone in her views and to the credit of my group the verdict was unanimous and vocally communicated so the restaurant staff were well aware of our pleasure.

The service was exceptional and drinks orders taken and delivered in quick time. Shortly after drinks had arrived, we being seasoned eaters were ready to order and chomping at the bit to get these placed.

Now for some foodie pics. A good sampling of what we gorged on this fine Wednesday evening. Comfort food to the max! I heard many time throughoutnthe duration of our eating frenzy poeplse saying “I am definatly coming back here”


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