LOCATION: 87 Federal Street, Auckland

First Impressions:

It was a freezing night in Auckland the evening I sampled Huami. I captured a nice shot of the moon which I thought was appropriate for such a COLD evening. At least the moon looks warm.

The Serial Diner - Huami-1

So the opening blurb from the Huami web site has this to say. “Behind the big red doors on Federal Street lies Huami 花蜜, our new Chinese restaurant boasting traditional cuisine with a modern twist.We invite you inside to discover a taste of China. Our exquisite menu showcases dishes from regional provinces across China including Canton, Sichuan, Huaiyang and Beijing. Huami focuses on using fresh seasonal produce and bold flavours, featuring signature dishes that include: wood-fired Peking duck, handcrafted dim sum, braised New Zealand abalone and crayfish.”

The Serial Diner - Huami-1-6

I loved the decor and the warm welcome we received from the front of house staff. The decor is classy and a feast for the eyes. The staff are very attentive, some language issues but I’m sure that will pass over time as they adjust to the kiwi accent. I loved the way the wine is poured at the table and the glassware is exqusite.

The menu is pretty extensive and broad but thats where it ends. Sadly the meals and certainly the plating is mediocre (hence the lack of food photos) the promise made on there website remains largely unfulfilled. The food to be fair is generous in portion size, best dinning method would be shared. generous but mediocre, no punch in the mouth flavours , nice but safe.

Also the menu is expensive. I have 1/2 plum smoked roasted duck from the wood fired oven $48. A friend also had the same and ordered a side dish of steamed vegetables $26 You gotta be kidding we all exclaimed when we saw it arrive. So folks go with loaded pockets, loaded with cash I mean.

Final Impressions:

Will I go back? Nup! and I saw a comment from a dining companion of the evening that said the same. For those $’s I was expecting something spectacular in plating, flavour and to be wowed by originality.

If I was to capture the food in one word, it would be:

humdrum (adjective)
  1. “lacking excitement or variety; boringly monotonous.”

I do however have to give credit for the awesome “Duck Room” see photo below it needs no explanation.

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