Kai Pasifika

The Serial Diner - Kai Pacifica-1-22EVERYDAY, FROM 10:00 to 23:00

3 Mount Eden Rd, Grafton, Auckland 1023

Phone + 64 09 309 3740


I went to Fiji on Wednesday evening for a feast! Well, my taste buds did for sure. Wow! Wow! Wow! what an experience. You wouldn’t think or ever imagine that sitting in the tranquil, sparcially decorated, almost sterile environment that you were about to experience a Fijian party in your mouth.

I arrived a little early to get some photo’s and as always select the best seat at the table. So in case you are wondering what the best seat at the table is……Its the one in the middle of course, that way you can talk to almost anyone at the table or if you so choose, ignore almost anyone as there is always an alternate option for a better conversation.

I was greeted with a smile from the gorgeous pacific island ladies manning front of house and they even took the opportunity to compliment me on my hat. Nice touch ladies!

As I mentioned earlier the space is pretty sparcially decorated but very tasteful, lots of mirrors, crisp clean lines and a nice mix of chair styles. The bathrooms are newly refurbished and are spacious and clean, you can almost still smell the fresh paint. A nice touch is the window overlooking the kitchen in the short hallway that leads to the bathrooms.

The atmosphere was very conducive to having a good time and we were very relaxed the whole time, the waiting staff always had a smile and seemed to enjoy our ever increasing in volume banter. As usual we got a little out of hand and the conversation headed toward territory not condoned in a church, but hey where is the fun in that.

Some of the items we Gorged ourselves on:

Now I’m not gonna go in to details about the food other than two say OMG!!! get there! and get there soon! I’ve never eaten Fijian food but have already booked in lunch to sample that menu in a few weeks.

  • IKA MATA – Cook Island style raw fish (tuna)
  • POKE – Raw Salmon, sesame, ginger, soy, honey & coconut
  • PUA’ A SAMOA – Roast Pork with Koko Samoa
  • POLYNESIAN BROWN SUGAR CHICKEN – chicken roasted in soy and passionfruit
  • FIJI GOAT CURRY – with mango chow chow

What my guests had to say:

  • beautiful food and hilarious company

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