1947 Eatery

The Serial Diner-1


Address: 60 Federal St, AucklandPhone: +64 9-377 0033
Hours: 11.30am – 11.30pm
I loved my Friday lunch so much at new opening 1947 Eatery that I went back Wednesday evening for dinner or should I say banquet.
Now we all love a good Indian dinner but this place stands out from the rest in more ways than one.
First off, all the meals are made fresh to order and they even have their own Tandoor oven in the kitchen. The waiting staff take great care to explain this concept and it might become a bit tiring for them over time but in the early days of the restaurants opening they still had plenty of passion and delivered the message with enthusiasm.
Secondly the story of how the restaurant and especially the unique menu came to be is intriguing, if not a bit hard to swallow! I loved the mystery surrounding it and bought it hook line and sinker,  because I wanted to believe it and I loved the romance of the story.
I will leave you to read the story for yourselves by seeking it out at: http://www.1947eatery.co.nz
The restaurant is located in central Auckland in the famous eating precinct we call
Federal Street, right under the World Famous Sky Tower. Ahh! but watch out, don’t be fooled as I and my lunch guests were and expect it to be right in the middle of the action, oh no it was located in the NOT SO FAMOUS part of Federal Street.

The Serial Diner-1-9.jpg

I’ll leave that hanging there as a clue for those of you who dare to venture where I and a few of my friends have ventured. As one of my friends said when I was justifying my lack of research and apologising for not knowing where the hell it was “Its all part of our adventure, it makes it more memorable” and you know she’s right, thats exactly what I would have said if it was someone other than me in that predicament.

The decor is a luxurious soft toned tan leather and dark smokey wood with a fab feature wall, black ceilings and soothing mood lighting exuding from beautiful hanging lights. I will let the photos speak for me!
As with all new restaurant openings in the great city of Auckland, I like to set myself a challenge to sample at least the lunch and dinner menus.

Now for the delicacies I sampled:

Chilli ChickenA good punch in the mouth hit with gorgeous afterburn.

Malai ChickenFabulous subtle unique taste, no lingering burn just fond memories of garlic, ginger and coriander dancing on the tongue.

Bang Bang Butter ChickenBetter than you would expect considering the title, huge flavour profile, I ordered a side of chilli to give it punch but never used it, it would have spoiled a very special version of this dish.
Garlic NaanNothing special, but couldn’t be faulted.

Guest feedback that I heard as we stood in line to pay:

  • “I am defiantly coming back here”
  • “Can you book this again?”
  • “I love this food”
  • “The portions are huge”
  • “I ordered two small plates but I only needed one”
  • “Yummmmyyyyyyyy”

And now for the naughty bits!

So I was sitting there finishing off my meal and I overheard one of my female dining friends say to another diner “how’s your shank?” which I thought was very forward (and brave) to proposition / hit on a guy much younger than herself let alone in a group dining situation!
So me! being me! and not able to resist, I said Thats very forward of you to enquire about his shank”  which was met with of course a rather perplexed look from the lady in question, then I realised all to late she was referring to the lamb shank he had just eaten.

At one point I was drawn to some loud banter and laughing from the other end of the table, obviously I tuned in.
A lady was describing, (only partially) a mile high experience she had recently on a flight, but she was being coy and failed to complete the encounter to the degree of detail the drooling pack she had attracted were hungering for.
Now to be clear this is the last person in that group I would have expected to be telling, or should I say alluding too, and I say alluding too! as there was a severe drought of detail provided, regarding her engagement in such a delightful mile high activity.
Needless to say the extraction of sordid detail was not forthcoming to the disappointment of the drooling pack, even as we drove away from the restaurant there was continued complaints about the lack of sordid detail.


This is NOT a sponsored Blog.

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