Went to dine at Gerome in Parnell 3 times last week, Lunch Friday, Dinner Wednesday and Dinner again on Saturday.

As with all new opening I like to sample at least the lunch and dinner menu. Was not disappointed, great food, (My first experience with Greek) generous portions, fabulous decor (a referbed Iguasu) and well trained staff. Check it out.

So my experiences of the 3 visits.

The fun began with the ordering on Wednesday evening, we all ogled the menus and made our favourite choices out of small and large plates. Of course at this stage I had warned our diners that the menu was designed for sharing (was not informed at Friday lunch about this) which of course we all being greedy buggers decided to order plate for plate for ourselves.

Memory 1

So it was my turn and the waitress read out the daily specials, one of which was fish, so immediately after she had finished I said I’ll have the lamb, and she replied “yes so for you the fish” so I immediately piped up and said “no the lamb please” I did not hear her reply so assumed the Lamb was coming. Ahhh but what arrived was the fish. As my kind dining colleagues said that the 2nd request for lamb was met with another acknowledgement that I had ordered fish, they forgot to tell me of course. Maybe in Greece lamb means fish?

Memory 2

We were having a good ole yak and getting louder and louder as you do when gulping (drinking) booze. A friend of mine was recounting one of our dining experiences in Peru and was loudly saying “this is the worst meal I’ve ever had” referring to the restaurant in Peru when one of the staff came walking into the private dining room we had. Well the look of shock on her face as she quickly about turned and left the room leaving us wondering what she had entered for in the first place.

So did we proceed to hoot with laughter as my friend started freeking out and all concerned about what she had said, was desperately trying to gain the attention of the waiting staff who had miss timed their entry into our midst. To no avail however as she never came back in and avoided making eye contact, this of course made us laugh even more and the increasing fluster my friend was undergoing.

Was a usual with this group we had a fabulously good time with great food.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 6.29.50 PM

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